Freedom Fone was built to be a DIY platform for individuals or organisations seeking to interact with remote audiences via mobile phones. We are committed to making sure that the platform works smoothly and that those using it are able to impact their communities by providing valuable two-way voice-based information services.

We are particularly interested in how Freedom Fone is used in the real world and encourage you to share your experience with us to help others get up to speed quickly with the platform. As we like to say, it is not the technology but how we use it that counts.

Although we've worked hard to make Freedom Fone simple and easy to use, we appreciate that some users would appreciate some personal assistance. Our software is free, as is support via the online Forum, however we do charge for training, setup and other technical support.

Our services include:

Basic User Training

For organisations who want to set up, run and maintain a Freedom Fone service we offer a 3-5 day Basic User Training Course. This covers installation, equipment setup, instruction on how to use the software, simple audio recording and editing, and the basics of how to create a successful Freedom Fone service for your audience. This training aims to get the organisation set up and ready for a forthcoming deployment.

Technical Support Training

This training is for organisations or individuals who have technical experience and would like to get under the hood and understand the nuts and bolts of how Freedom Fone works. This is a minimum 5 day training by the end of which all those present will be certified Freedom Fone support technicians and qualified to offer technical support to our growing network of users.

Campaign Design

Integrating Freedom Fone into your existing communication strategy takes thought, preparation and promotion. We'd be happy to help you out.

Full Service

Many organisations wanting to deploy Freedom Fone around an event don't have the time or resources to do it themselves. The Full Service covers on site support, equipment procurement, installation and setup, campaign development, deployment and reporting.

All our services will be quoted for on request. Please contact us for further enquiries.