Freedom Fone - Version 2.S.7 Features/Tech information


Runs on Ubuntu 12.04LTS. Features added to version 2.S.4 functionality: 

1) SMS sending added

We have added a new SMS Centre menu to the Freedom Fone GUI so users can send bulk SMS via Office Route, Clickatell or Gammu SMS-dedicated devices.

USB dongles
This version is fully integrated with Gammu SMS Daemon and includes support for multiple GSM dongle devices in Gammu.

Warning - We have noted that on some older computers, underpowered USB ports result in dongles being reallocated to different ports without warning. You will not be able to use dongles for Freedom Fone on these computers.

OfficeRoute devices can be used for SMS sending. We provide configuration backup files for the OfficeRoute and detailed instructions in the Sharicus_2S7_developer_guide for setting up Postfix to communicate with the OfficeRoute. Please see the Documentation page.

Clickatell Developers' Gateway
We support SMS sending via Clickatell Developers' Gateway account

v2.S.7 has not been tested with Mobigaters due to the phasing out of support for this device. This version has been tested with OfficeRoute SIP gateways; Huawei E173 & E1550 dongles; Clickatell Developers' Gateway.

2) SMS receiving via multiple OfficeRoute devices

We have also extended the support for SMS with Office Route so we can receive SMSs using multiple Office Routes. Each of the communication channels (SIM card) is now mapped into a unique SMS inbox. Users can choose to aggregate messages into one common inbox or separate them into a unique SMS inbox per sim card.

3) Hardware wizard & GUI to assist with dongle configuration

We have included a new dongle "hardware wizard". The hardware wizard will detect any serial USB devices and prompt the user for its desire usage. USB devices can be allocated as dedicated SMS gateways via Gammu or SMS/Voice gateways via Freeswitch.

Thanks to this new module, all configuration files for Gammu (SMSD) and Freeswitch are auto generated. Users no longer need to open a text editor to get the core setup up and running.

When users create a new leave a message service or IVR, they will no longer need to edit the Freeswitch dialplan. A new Service mapping view in the Freedom Fone GUI allows users to map audio service to GSM channels and then update the requisite configuration files by clicking the Create Dialplan button.

4) Graphical reporting tool integrated into System data menu

Olaf Dunn contributed a graphical reporting tool to Freedom Fone that we have merged with our code base.

Apologies but there is no upgrade path between v2.S.4 and v2.S.7.