Freedom Fone - Version 2.S Features/Tech information


Features added to version 2.0 functionality: 

Thanks for your feedback! This version responds to requests for added security features:

    • Login screen
    • Role Based Access Control - Admin & User roles differentiate what can be viewed, updated and exported by these 2 types of users
    • Revised folder architecture allows data to be optionally (manual setup) stored on removable/encrypted media
    • Frontend sweeper - At the time of initiation, permanently replaces all references to phone numbers with a text strings of your choice. Subsequent calls must be anonymised by running the Frontend sweeper again
    • Backend sweeper
  • VOICE MAIL FILTERS: More options have been added for filtering the voice messages in the Leave-a-Message Inbox
  • READ-ONLY API added in v2.S.2. For more information on the API, review our Documentation page.

Revision information

v2.S.2 fixes a bug related to the periodic duplication of call data records on busy services. This bug inflated usage statistics.