Freedom Fone - Version 2.0


v2.0.1 ISO Freedom Fone server
  Zimbabwe Mirror
v2.0.1 MD5** MD5
v2.0.1 to v2.0.3 upgrade Tar file
  Upgrade notes

** Make sure to download the MD5 checksum to verify the integrity of the installer file

Version Details

Documentation for v2.0

Quick Start Guide
Quick start guide to version 2.0 - 105KB (PDF)
Provides basic advice on how to install v2.0 and add MobiGaters.

Developers' Guide
Developers' guide to the Dispatcher, Spooler and Application Layers - 1.39MB (PDF)
This is the guide to read if you're curious about how Freedom Fone works. It includes information on how to localise the user interface (UI) for your language.

Troubleshooting Guide
Installation FAQs - see v1.6.1 troubleshooting guides

Scenarios (MP4 files)
Overview videos - see v1.6.1

Screencast guides (MP4 files)
'How To' video tutorials