Thanks for taking an interest in the Freedom Fone platform.

Documentation for installing and using Freedom Fone can be found on our Documentation page.

Installer facts:

  • Remember that ISO files are disk image files. Do NOT try and 'file copy' the image directly to a DVD - it must be written as an image file to the DVD. Use the 'Record a disc from disc image' feature from your disc burning software.
  • When you are ready to install the Freedom Fone software, boot your computer from your new installation DVD. You can choose to install from the menu displayed as the installation DVD boots, or from the Install icon on the LiveCD desktop.
  • For help with installation, download the Quick Start and Troubleshooting guides from the Documentation page.
  • Installation takes approximately 25 mins.
  • Login details:
    • ver 2.S.8 - user & password = sharicus
    • ver 2.S.7.1 - user & password = sharicus
    • ver 2.S.4 - user & password = manguensis
    • ver 2.S.2 - user & password = manguensis

Make sure to download the MD5 checksum to verify the integrity of the installer file.

Tips on choosing which version to download

Version 2.S.8 - latest for Ubuntu 14.04LTS
Has the same functionality as 2.S.7.1.
We have had mixed success with installing v2.S.8 on computers due to issues associated with the Ubuntu 14.04LTS desktop application. If you are experiencing installation or operating problems we recommend you use v2.S.7.1 instead.

Version 2.S.7.1 - latest for Ubuntu 12.04LTS
Functionality added to 2.S.4:
a) SMS sending via Huawei dongles (E173 and E1550 tested), multiple OfficeRoutes and Clickatell Developers' Central SMS gateway.
b) Hardware wizards to assist with USB dongle detection & setup.
c) New GUI interface for mapping dongles to voice menus.
d) Call graph reporting tool integrated into System data menu.
e) The GUI runs in the latest Cake MVC 2.4
Support for MobiGaters has been dropped.


Version 2.S.4 (Ubuntu 12.04LTS)
a) Version 2.S.2 ported to Ubuntu 12.04 plus bug fixes
b) Support for Huawei dongles added (E173 and E1550 tested). Support for MobiGaters must be configured manually - see the Documentation page for the guide. It is not possible to use a combination of MobiGaters and Huawei dongles.

Version 2.S.2 (Ubuntu 10.04 - support terminated)
Functionality includes multi-level (nested) voice menus, voice mail, SMS polls, Incoming SMS, caller details and phone books. Since many voice menus can be live at the same time, users are required to manually configure their system to match incoming lines to the appropriate voice menus.
Security features include: Role Based Access Control; consolidation of file storage to facilitate encryption of sensitive call data records; and sweeper functions to anonymise or delete call data records in case of an emergency.
A read-only API is available - see the Documentation page for information.

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• The software I am downloading is a system replacement installer • The downloadable file is a disk image that, once downloaded, should be written to a DVD as a disk image • When I insert the DVD I’ve created into my computer AND type in the install command, all data on my computer will be overwritten and replaced with Ubuntu Linux and the Freedom Fone platform
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