Community Radio Harare (CORAH)

Status of Freedom Fone Deployment: 
Year First Used Freedom Fone: 

CORAH were inspired to use Freedom Fone as they have been repeatedly denied a license to broadcast and were driven to find alternatives to address the needs of their community. Using Freedom Fone as an alternative means of outreach made sense due to the relative widespread use of mobile phones and the possibility of sending and receiving audio content through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). 

In October 2010 CORAH pioneered Free Voices Harare, a community news headline service which uses audio content that would otherwise be broadcast. The service also relies on citizen callers leaving news tips in the form of voice or text messages which after being verified goes back out in the form of SMS news updates and gets published on their website and e-newsletter.

Free Voices Harare has been a success and often even scooped the mainstream media on a number of important stories happening in the capital. Despite the challenges posed by high call costs in they have found innovative ways of getting audiences to share mobile information and their number of recipients and contributors continues to grow.

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