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What's new?

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly newsletter for 2012! We've postponed this edition to announce the release of our latest version: Freedom Fone 2.S ¡¡Yipeee!! We have made a huge effort to include new feature requests from our growing community of users across the world. Version 2.S now includes added security features that provide access control over your service and greater protection of callers' personal information. We've also improved our documentation, added French and Spanish to our list of available languages and better voice mail management.

Our goal in 2012 is to build on our community of users and grow a network of local technical support teams to assist you with your set up. As part of the Freedom Fone family, we look forward to learning more about your ideas and experiences using our platform.

2.S Security Features

Having access to your callers' telephone numbers is very useful. You can use this data to determine your audiences interests, the frequency with which callers access your service and the channels they prefer (IVR, Voice Mail, SMS, Polls). However, this data is also private and in hostile situations can be highly sensitive so you may want to limit who in your office has access to it. 
  • Access Control

    Now with different access privileges, only Administrators will have access to sensitive call data records while regular Users can continue to operate the service, view and update Voice Menus, listen to messages and organise SMS polls as usual. 
  • Secure File System

    Our filing system has now been modified to protect the personal information of your caller. All sensitive data can be optionally encrypted in removable secure storage locations.  
  • Sweeping Sensitive Data

    In case of emergency or should your service be at risk of sequestration, 2.S allows for the dynamic sweeping (deleting) of all call data records, phone numbers and removal of meta tags from all .mp3 and .wav files. Be sure to secure a safe back up of your records before you sweep your service. 

More Cool Features

  • Message Inbox Filters

    To help you manage the voice messages you receive, we've added filter options to the Message Centre Inbox so you can listen to messages according to different tags, categories or Leave-a-Message services. 
  • Freedom Fone en Français y Castellano

    The Freedom Fone v2.S user interface is now available in French and Spanish - thanks to Brent Barber (French), Nico Gnecchi and Alberto Escudero Pascual (Spanish). Want to contribute a localisation in a different language? Write to us at for assistance.

Technical Support Update

A lot of effort has gone into upgrading and revising the Freedom Fone development site - take a look at it here

Help us build the Freedom Fone Technical Support Network

  • Tech support: are you interested in providing independent, technical support to Freedom Fone users in your country? Write to us at with details of your location and skills eg Linux experience, telephony experience etc.
  • Developers: we'd like to grow Freedom Fone's team of code contributers. Skills we need:
    - FreeSWITCH
    - CakePHP
    - Security
    - System integration
    - GUI design
    Write to us at with details of your location, skills and interests.