Successful hotline plans to extend reach in Kenya

The second of the 2 partners hosting the Aunty Jane hotline in Nairobi made time to answer some of our questions this morning. Their publicity of the service has been widespread and includes Mombasa, Eastern and Nakuru in addition to Nairobi. Their callers include men but the service is predominantly used by young women.

Although without their own IT department, the retention of key, trained personnel has ensured that the service has been sustained and reliable since it went live over 6 months ago.

This service plans to expand in several directions on the back of their success. They hope to extend marketing activities by leveraging other networks in Kenya, thereby making the information available nationwide. They want to use the SMS polling function on Freedom Fone to monitor and evaluate the impact and relevance of the information provided and to guide the direction of future information development. Finally, they plan to use Freedom Fone IVR in other projects they are involved in.

The team are currently considering the possibility of using SMS to reach out to their hotline callers, but there are a number of factors to negotiate first, not least of which is the fact that many callers borrow the phones they use to access the hotline – in such an instance the SMS would be received by fathers, husbands or friends, thereby effectively compromising their right to privacy. As they believe much of the success of the hotline hinges on the anonymity of the call, much thought will have to be given to how they achieve the same objectives in a different way.

          Bren interviewing hotline hosts

Brenda interviews the hotline team