New Developments: Freedom Fone Service at Breeze FM

Breeze FM has introduced for its listeners a new service called Freedom Fone. The Freedom Fone is an interactive, voice-based communication service which allows the creation of a two-way phone-based communication to interact with the audience, in any language, at any time and without connecting to internet or other media.

Using the Freedom Fone service, the station is able to upload some important programmes, programme promotions, news summaries and adverts. These uploads are in audio and in our broadcasting languages of English and Nyanja.

The service has also a provision for the audience to leave an audio message. This can be feedback or ideas and tips for programmes and news and even general operations. There is also a provision to conduct a poll on important issues.

At the moment, the station has started using this service on one phone line and is working on introducing another phone number as the service can take multiple lines. The number of the current line is +260 965 602939