Mobile Voter Education and Radio in the Election in Ghana

Katrin Verclas speaks to NDItech's Program Officer, Chris Doten, about the innovative mobile audio-to-radio project deployed for the presidential elections in Ghana. 

"Our voter communication strategy was based on the assumption that we needed to go to where people are already.  In Ghana, as many other places, radio is a widely accessed and popular medium. Of course, creating radio programs requires producing engaging, entertaining, and meaningful content that is promoted to radio stations and easily accessible to them so that they, in turn, can broadcast to their radio listeners.  So, we produced an engaging series of audio clips that we set up on a system that radio stations could access by dialing in, and then promoted the clips to radio stations to broadcast to the public. 

In Ghana, we used Freedom Fone, an open source interactive voice response (IVR) platform that allowed us to easily provide audio content, and we partnered with Farm Radio, an organization that produces radio programs for rural audiences."

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