Somalia: OCHA founded radio station turns words into action

To strengthen its interaction with affected communities, Radio Ergo has partnered with Freedom Fone, to better capture feedback via SMS and voice messaging. The service has been receiving on average 40-50 messages daily since its inception in May 2013.

Read the UNOCHA article on Radio Ergo's work at:

Freedom Fone's Dialer version used to facilitate feedback in Zimbabwe

As part of the Quality Assurance testing of Freedom Fone's new Dialer version, Kubatana engaged citizens in Zimbabwe around the thorny issue of billing by the country's sole energy supplier - the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC).

Activism, civil society and new media

Old hopes are still alive in some quarters that Information Technologies (IT) are the magic bullet for development and social change. This sentiment has been most obvious amongst commentators who suggest that the successes of the 2011 Arab Spring were built upon new media in the form of Twitter and Facebook. Hard working grassroots activists in Egypt and Tunisia have been quick to challenge these assumptions.


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