October 2012

Malawi training goes well

Freedom Fone trainers, Bren & Tich, traveled up by road this month to run user training in Lilongwe, Malawi. It’s a day’s drive that takes you through Nyamapanda, Zimbabwe’s north east border post with Mozambique, then through Tete province and later through the Dedza border post with Malawi. Much of the road through Tete is littered with potholes and besides the city of Tete, there’s not a lot in the way of service stations to help you out if you hit trouble. The good news is that the border posts are well managed and the traffic fairly light.

Of charcoal and potholes – the road from Harare to Lilongwe via Tete

2 borders, 2 temporary import permits, 2 car insurance licences, 3 currencies, 10-12 hours and countless bags of charcoal lie between Harare and Lilongwe if you travel by road. Tich and I are on this road trip because Air Malawi have canceled their flights between Harare & Lilongwe and we have a training workshop to run before the end of the month.