Use voice mail to include community voices in broadcasts, interact with studio guests; use voice menus to share news & event information.
Provide breaking news updates via voice menus; receive field reports and queries using voice messages; use polls for focused feedback.
Receive field reports from election monitors or citizens by voice mail; provide news updates to field staff via voice menus.
Share health information using voice menus; receive questions, reports and feedback via voice messages; use polls to measure opinion.
Enable journalists and citizen reporters to discreetly and promptly file audio reports on events as they happen, using ordinary phones.
Answer FAQs and provide status updates using voice menus; gather feedback on services and products using incoming SMS and voice messages.
Create voice menus to share agri-extension services, such as pest control tips or market prices, with offline small scale farmers.

Freedom Fone Project Status

Hi Everyone..

So, an update on where we're at with the Freedom Fone project.

As you can imagine with a new project, development on the code base was pretty much non stop 2009-2014. Slowly but surely we built out a free, open source Do It Yourself IVR/SMS solution that was phone agnostic and independent of the Internet. It dramatically reduced (but did not entirely remove) the computer and telephony skills required to set up an information service comprising voice menus, voicemail & SMS services.

Freedom Fone is free software that creates interactive, voice-based communication services for organisations or bodies seeking to engage with communities across mobile networks. 

Freedom Fone uses voice menus to share information with any target audience, SMS polls to organise opinion surveys and callers can also leave voice and text messages on the service where call data records can be safely stored, organised and evaluated.  

There are no geographical limitations to Freedom Fone. By taking advantage of both audio and text functions, Freedom Fone makes it easy to create and share information across literacy barriers in any language. We provide an effective, user-friendly and low-cost solution that helps empower marginalised communities and bridge the digital divide.

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